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The first thing that a person needs to understand is that there are more than two thousand insurance companies in the United States. The second thing after that is that one has to understand that there is no auto insurance, which provides the best premium or rates for any kind of policy among all the profiles. And the last and the third point is that one needs to understand that difference in the auto insurance quotes available in the market, so as to get the total coverage of the loss may be as high as thousand dollars to as less as a few dollars.Keeping these three points in your mind, you must use such a strategy, which will help you to get quotes from a number of insurance companies. A very much simple reason for this strategy is that you if you will not do this, then you have the chances to miss the great offers, which are not covered by any quotes site and are covered by the other, which you missed.In order to take care of these offers, you must visit and compare the insurance quotes given on at least 5 quote sites, and it can be even more. More the number of sites you refer more are the chances of getting the best deals. When you get the quotes, then you must ensure that they are from the reputable companies or brokers. And one thing that you will not want is buying a cheaper insurance policy, which later on forces you to compromise. If you do so, then it could be among the silliest things that you have ever done in your life.An individual can save a large amount of money by going for an online insurance quote, and these savings range from a few hundred of dollars to more than a thousand dollars. It is a simple task but also very much effective. And the best thing of all is that you will need to spend only around 5 minutes for one site. That’s why online insurance is preferred over others.Source: Free Articles from

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Yahoo Broke, How to Download Google Stock Prices

I got a lot of complaints from people trying to download stock prices automatically from Yahoo. It’s been a big issue for people, so I created a video for doing the exact same thing from Google! Here’s how to automatically download stock quote data from Google Finance.

The background is that Yahoo was seeing less traffic on their website because people were downloading their data without going to the website to do it. So they changed the way their site works so that you have to actually pull up the page in order to download the data. Google isn’t having that problem (either because they make so much money, or because they don’t care) so you can still pull the data from them for now.

Go to and get the historical prices for a stock that you want. Follow along this video to get it fixed.